tisdag 12 april 2011

Square Eyed Visioneers

Today you will experience some bits and pieces of the group creating this legendary game. We are all students from Gotland University and are mixed third year and second year students. We started off with 9 people and after the completion of Abzolium, we expanded the group. After Gotland Game Conference we might even expand even more and finally take over the world!
Here is our office. Well, technically it's not an office... but let's pretend it is and we feel comfortable working there. The three closest to the camera are our second year students that infiltrated Square Eyed Vision's Headquarters and are disguised as artists. I don't know what their hidden agenda is, but they sure love to work and provide amazing stuff for us.

Then we have our producer, to the right, and our lead programmer to the left. All are camera shy so this picture was very hard to get.

No, he is not a stalker...during work. He's one of the programmers taking stealthy pictures of the group for... I don't know, research?

Bonus picture: this is a failed attempt at making a panorama picture.

These pictures were taken pretty late and some of the Square Eyed Visioneers were not present at the moment. I know what you're thinking, where are the pictures of Mr Blog Writer!? I will provide better pictures of everyone in the group pretty soon. I can so far reveal that my name is Sayo.

I can also reveal that we might have the perfect name for the game, but it is still in discussion mode (on how awesome it is) and I will soon be revealing it to the world.

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Blake Mitchell sa...

Wow, looking at your group enjoying what you do in your small office is quite fascinating. It's cool to think that the flow of creativity coming in from the students are coming together to create games. One of these days, you'll go on and expand and occupy a bigger office while still enjoying what you do best. Cheers!

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