tisdag 19 april 2011

Meet the Programmers

Taking a break from showing our level, I decided to show you (the best) part of Square Eyed Vision: the software engineers, a.k.a. the programmers or 5qu4r3 3y3d \/1510N...yeah, you get the point.

Pelle Boström, with his trademark "O RLY?" sweater. This dude burns with passion for this game and keeps adding unnecessary, and yet very useful, features for the game during his free time. Crazy man!

Elon Mallin, our Lead Programmer. The go-to-guy whenever we have problems with programming. Here he simulates how he works...in front of a camera.

Joakim Östlund Andersson, the man who doesn't believe in sleep. You give him a one week assignment, and he takes it literally and works constantly the whole week without sleeping! He is also one of the producers, so mad props to this guy for multitasking.

Last, but not least, Sayo Nariño, a.k.a. Mr Blog Writer. I am one of the programmers and also Lead Quality Assurance. I have been known to create overly complicated algorithms for scoreboard records and also having a knack for finding bugs in games. Here I am posing as a mafia hitman... yes, "posing"...

And here comes the usual preview of what's to come: here we have a large chunk of the group, chillin in the sun and eating ice cream, looking mad because they are taking a break and not working (actually, the sun was in their eyes... but seriously, they should've been working instead >_>)

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