måndag 18 april 2011

Level Fun

Before creating our awesome level, we use our prototype levels to try out environment stuff to get the right feeling whenever the final version is complete.
Here the level designer created something pretty from the finished models we had. I accidentally knocked down the lamp when I was moving around the camera. Don't tell anyone it was me!

An early view of how pleasant it's going to be to capture the Nodes. Needs more trees, perhaps...

One of the places on the level were you can be stealthy. We are going to apply similar places in case the player wants to play ninja.

Another Jungle Vision picture. 

These pictures are for testing purposes. Our level is going to be massive and it's important to try creating the right feeling in segments before we add everything and black holes of awesomeness spawns and sucks in the universe into a dimension where ca-... uhh, I mean, so we can make sure we don't have any boring parts on the battlefield.

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