tisdag 26 april 2011

Meet the Characters

No, we are not dead. It's been Easter and while people might have taken breaks, we have worked extra hard these past days. A lot of technical stuff has been made and the artists are working hard to make this game look beautiful. As an apology for not updating and letting our millions of fans refreshing this page on an hourly basis, I decided to introduce you to our characters' concept arts. Mind you the characters are still being developed.

Starting with the Starving Barbarian!

Next up: B-Bob!

My favorite: the Bazooka Girl!

We have another character that is not quite done yet. But when it's ready, it will be great. No, awesome! No! Awesomely great! This awesomely great character will also be the last in the roster for the GGC version. After GGC we will add A LOT more characters. So get hype!

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Damn Girl, Dem Bazookas.

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