måndag 11 april 2011

The Node

This entry is going to be about one of the most important mechanics in the game: Capturing a Node. I will explain the basics of how to, but beware, the game is still in its early build and things can change during the development.

Okay, here we have our prototype hero called... I don't know, Prototype Man? He belongs to Team Delta Red Force, thus the red ring of dea-... red ring around the Node. The ring indicates the area where a player has to enter in order to capture the Node. Other than standing inside of this area for a few seconds, no further actions are needed to capture. You can even leave the area and the Node will still produce Abzolium (and sometimes other helpful resources) for your team.

So you say you're from Team Epsilon Blue Force, eey!? No worries, bro, you can still capture the Node by doing the same thing as your sworn enemies Team Delta Red Force. Though, you do have to stand in it a bit longer to fully capture it, since recapturing Nodes takes longer than capturing an empty Node. But as long as you manage to eradicate those evil red people (no offense to red people) from the area, this should not be a problem.

Of course, there is much more going on with the Nodes than collecting Abzolium, but more information will be provided over time, so keep checking back on this blog.

And if you are wondering about the ring around Prototype Man, that is just a preview of our Combat System, which will also be more elaborated later on (can't give you everything at once, man!).

Peace out, and may the Abzolium be with you...

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Anonym sa...

Looking forward to the information in regards to minions and towers. EXCITE!

Also Protoman wants his name back, but he is to busy letting his scarf blow in the wind to his bad ass theme.

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