torsdag 28 april 2011

Meet the Artists

By request, I am forced happily willing to introduce our very skilled artists to the world. These people strive to make the game as aesthetically pleasing as possible and have done a very good job so far. Keep it up, guys (and gals)!

David Klint, 3D artist. When he's not 3D-ing he goes to war and shoots people... with airsoft guns. Don't worry, he's completely harmless and a really chill guy... when he's not in Rambo mode.

Mattias Engström, 3D artist. This dude is getting married this summer. If you see him in real life, make sure you congratulate him (or warn him, whichever you prefer. I recommend the former).
Maria Nork-... wait, wrong picture. Hold a sec...
There we go. Maria Norkvist, 2D and 3D artist. This multitasking gal loves to work and can't stop working. She also has the record of shortest lunch breaks.Yes, she is THAT determined to make this game!
Stina Rahm, 2D artist. She is responsible for the incredibly well-made concept arts of the characters you have seen. So, much cred to her. She is also the only girl in our group with a mustache (or that's what the picture depicts). How hardcore is that!
Elias Press, Lead and 2D artist. Don't let his angry look scare you, he's a very cool and calm guy that makes sure everybody is working and working right. Like a Boss. He is also half Swedish, half Norwegian, half Hungary. Whoa, that's a lot of halves!

I hope I didn't forget anyone. We have one more member and he is the most important one (well, we all are equally important, but for dramatic effect let's pretend now he is the most important). This last person has so many different roles that he requires his own blog entry.

I might as well add that our title of the game has been decided and as soon as the logo is ready, I will post it to this blog. Until then, live long and prospelium.

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