onsdag 6 april 2011

OMG PIXZX!!1!1!!

Finally! The long awaited info of our new game. Currently it goes by many names, the most famous are Pylon Runners, Node Runners, Abzolium 2 and Pylolium. What is your favorite? Give us your suggestions and you might win prizes!!!

So basically, to break it down for ya: you are two teams fighting for the valuable resource Abzolium. To get this Abzolium, you and your team have fight your opponents to capture nodes throughout the level. These nodes, not only provide Abzolium, it gives you access to elements on the battlefield to help you capture more nodes. The team that have reached the maximum amount of Abzolium wins the battle.

"But... Mr. Blog Writer, sir, this sounds like an AWESOME idea!"
i no!!1

And for giving us such a nice feedback, Timmy, I will provide you with two pix, even though I'm risking of running out of materials later ;;>_> (and to show that we are actually working)

Our level structure (environment not finalized, since it happens to take place at the backyard of Donkey Kong's).

Node, without texture (texture got stolen from Donkey Kong for messing around at his backyard).

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Anonym sa...

I am speaking on behalf of my client Mr. D.Kong Senior, who is here by taking legal action against the undisclosed activity's occurring in his back yard.

If you wish to proceed by counter suing my client, we are of the belief that our banana horde is larger then yours, and thus, you will never survive the lengthy court cases retaining economic stability.

Let's not make this into monkey business.
See you in court.

Swanky Kong.

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