onsdag 18 maj 2011

This Blog Should've Bane Funnier

The game is coming along nicely and taking a break from the massive update streak, I decided to show you guys other pictures of the game.
Square Eyed Jungle Vision is back, baby! Now even prettier and stealthier(is that even a word?)!

Here I accidentally set fire to the whole level.

This is how it looks when you lie on your back, watching the outer wall in your base under a ramp.

And lastly, an awesome picture made by our biggest fan AbZoLiuMfAN98 where the artist got the title offensively wrong.
Thank you so much, AbZoLiuMfAN98!

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AbZoLiuMfAN98! sa...

Wowowow! I gotz feturd!1!1!
this is sooooo amaaaaazing

now i was so syked that i made a karakter for da karakter competition my friend told me you were having.

he said you owuld even put them as a PLAYABLE CARACTER!

just had to make one. my mum fixed the internet site for it tooooooo~

hope i win, bye!!111 Good luck with the work yo.


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