fredag 13 maj 2011

Crystal Lights

Previously on Square Eyed Vision's blog:
[something] [something]... power-up crystals... [something] [something]

And here we have it! The power-up area on the level.
Uhh...okay, not exactly like that. I just made it extra flashy for the blog and didn't accidentally the 70's.

What happens here is the big crystal in the middle charges up and lits brighter and brighter. When it is at its brightest, the big crystal is ready and the surrounding small crystals will glow. When a character touches the big crystal after it's ready, the big crystal will explode and unleash power-ups to the surrounding players for a short period of time. And then it will go back into charging. The colors of the crystals indicates what kind of power-up it contains.

Of course, there will be traps and stealth areas for ninja haxx tactics so make sure to keep your eyes open (yes, ALL of them!) for ambush or plan an ambush to humiliate your opponents.

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(If this blog entry seems different than before then it's because this site was under maintenance for a while and removed the original "Crystal Lights" entry. But just because I'm so nice to you fans I decided to rewrite everything (yes, EVERYTHING)) 

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Can't wait to gather Mana or some shit!

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